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Which Fence Is Best For Your Rental Property?

Do you want your tenants to have privacy? Do you want to secure your rental property? If so, installing a fence will be a valuable investment.

Whether you want to boost your rental’s curb appeal to attract high-quality renters or prevent your renter’s kids & pets from wandering off, a fence will help you achieve these goals. Another benefit of installing a fence on your property is that it increases the value of your rental property, as pointed out by Windermere Management. However, landlords may find it challenging to choose the proper material, size, style, and professional look for their fence installation. That is because they are presented with many options.

In this article, we will explore different options you have so that you can make an informed decision.

White vinyl privacy fencing

Why you need a fence on your rental property

Having a fence on your rental property is essential for several reasons. It can boost curb appeal and property value, and prevents intruders from accessing the property. Many types of fencing can offer privacy to your tenants as they enjoy the outdoor space, and keep the renter's pets and kids on the property.

If you have a pool, playground, courtyard, and other amenities, it is recommended that you fence the property. Also note the recommended height, style, and type for your neighborhood.

Fencing options for your rental property

When installing a fence, you have a variety of materials to choose from. Each material has its pros and cons. It's best to weigh the benefits and setbacks so you can install an option that aligns with your goals. Below is a breakdown of a few common materials.

1. Vinyl fence

Vinyl is durable, maintenance-free, and sleek. It comes in various colors, textures, heights, and styles. Vinyl is in high demand because it is easy to maintain and suits many purposes. It doesn’t require periodic staining and painting. You can be sure that your vinyl fence will last long because the material doesn’t rot, wrap, or blister.

If you want to improve your rental’s curb appeal and value, vinyl fencing is a great go-to. However, while a vinyl fence is more maintenance free than a wood fence, it may not be quite as durable as metal privacy fencing.

Metal privacy fencing

2. Steel privacy fencing

Though modern steel privacy fencing is a bit new to the US, it can be a great combination of durability, aesthetic, privacy, and fire resistance, without requiring an unreasonable budget. If you’re interested in learning more about this option, feel free to check out our steel privacy fencing site here.

3. Wrought iron fence

Wrought iron fences are good looking and durable. They offer a timeless and beautiful appearance to your rental property. A wrought iron fence will give your property an air of sophistication and beauty. As such, it will add value and security to your property. They also offer more clear views for tenants who prefer viewing the environment surrounding their property.

However, wrought iron fences are pricier than some options. The installation can be more technical in hilly or graded yards. If your tenants have privacy concerns, then this will not be an appropriate option because they have enough gaps that people can see through.

4. Wood fence

For many years, wooden fences were a favorite option at American homes. They are not too expensive, and you can paint them with different colors to suit your need. Some options may be more durable than others. However, wooden fences in general require more maintenance, especially in comparison to modern vinyl and metal options. Wooden fencing may require staining, or warp or rot over time. If you choose this option, we recommend you be prepared to stain periodically and do more upkeep in general.

5. Brick fence

Brick fences are strong and durable, and they offer security and privacy. You may not spend much on maintenance, but brick fences are among the most expensive options. A tall brick fence may not be suitable for your rental property if your tenants want to see their surroundings.

6. Chain link fence

If you are looking for a flexible and cost-effective option, chain link may be for you. Modern options do not need staining or painting because they have anti-rust elements. Consider this option if you are on a tighter budget.

What is the best fencing option for your rental property?

The best fencing option for your rental property will depend on several factors. Consider the building codes in the area, your budget, goals, tenants’ needs, maintenance, durability, and the property’s terrain when choosing.

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