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The Many Purposes & Types of Pergolas: From Entertaining to Relaxing

When it comes to outdoor structures, a pergola is a timeless classic. Whether you want to entertain guests, relax in the shade, or create an inviting entrance — pergolas can serve a multitude of purposes. From standard pergolas to adjustable ones, there are a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. In this blog post, we will explore the many purposes and types of pergolas that can be used to enhance your outdoor space.

There are many purposes for and types of pergolas! Let's figure out what's right for you.

Pergolas are perfect for creating an outdoor oasis or gathering space. With our team, you're able to make a variety of choices such as the shaping of your pergola, the color of your pergola, the application of your pergola (free standing or attached), and now - even the type of pergola!

Standard Pergolas vs Adjustable Pergolas & Patio Covers.

So, what's the difference between a Standard Pergola and an Adjustable Pergola/Patio Cover (also known as our Shade Select)? With a Standard Pergola, your pergola will have flat, fixed slats. Many of our customers choose these so they don't block the beauty that surrounds their home. These same customers are often surprised to hear that we have a pergola that functions as a covered patio cover as well. That way - they can experience the simplicity of a pergola, with the shading of a patio cover! Our Shade Select Adjustable Patio covers have louvered tops that open and close, anywhere from 0 to 130 degrees. So, the question you must answer comes down to your unique wants and needs in your new pergola - do you want a fixed slat pergola or a versatile and adjustable pergola?

Extend and Customize Your Outdoor Living Space!

For those looking to extend their outdoor living space and customize it to suit their needs, a pergola is a great option. Whether you go with a fixed slat pergola or an adjustable Shade Select, you'll be able to customize your outdoor space and enjoy it more often. Add additional shading to the sides of your pergola with upgrades such as vinyl slats or roll-down curtains, just to name a few. Add railing, ceiling fans, water misters, delicate gardens, and more! This will make it your perfect space for hosting events, enjoying family time together, preparing and enjoying meals together, or simply relaxing in the comfort of your outdoor space! It also makes the perfect getaway for an outdoor learning space, homework space, or workspace. Pergolas have a variable design can be curved or angled, not restricted by exterior frames.

And — if you choose an adjustable Shade Select, they fit on almost any existing sub-structure including wood, steel, or aluminum. You'll also have the choice of a manual opener, or a low voltage motorized opener (with a remote). In addition to all this, you'll also be creating a space that provides year-round protection from the elements!

Enjoy Year-Round Protection from the Elements with a Shade Select Pergola.

If you choose to go with our Shade Select — you'll probably have a few questions regarding what we mean when we say, 'year-round protection from the elements'. Whether you're talking about rain, wind, or snow — Shade Selects have got you covered (literally)! And while we don't always find it necessary in all areas that we service — sometimes upgrading to our extruded louvers is the perfect addition for some of our customers. To see if this is a weather-related upgrade that would fit your needs, talk to your Project Coordinator directly.

Shade Selects accommodate wind loads of up to 140 mph (in the open or closed position) and snow loads of up to 40 lbs. per square foot. These patio covers have been installed by our manufacturer for over 25 years and have even seen snow in the Swiss Alps! Valleywide has built them in places such as Aspen, Colorado, and Angoon, Alaska! Once the snow has melted from your patio cover, open your Shade Select to get back to enjoying the pleasantly warm winter sun. Shade Selects also provides 100% shade and ventilation, allowing for cool breezes on those hot summer days!

Free Estimates and Financing Available

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