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Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

Within the past couple of years, your home has become more than just a place to rest your head at night. It is your classroom, your office, and even your gym. Sometimes it may feel like your house is bursting at the seams, but there is one space that many people neglect: their outdoor living space. At Valleywide Patio and Fence, we are pros at maximizing your outdoor living space and turning it into an enjoyable atmosphere. Check out how we are transforming Idaho’s neighborhoods with our products.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences are a great way to not only protect your yard, but also gain some privacy. Our vinyl fences come in a variety of colors and two different styles (vinyl privacy or vinyl ranch) to fit your project needs. We also offer our steel privacy fence for a modern and easy-to-maintain look. Wooden privacy fences may be at a lower price point, but wood requires more maintenance over the years with all the cleaning, painting, and staining making it more costly than vinyl. Vinyl fences are more durable and easy to spray wash with a hose. Valleywide’s vinyl fencing is sure to be a beautiful addition to your home, providing both privacy and security.

Shade Select Patio Covers

Valleywide’s Shade Select patio covers are a revolutionary way to enjoy your outdoor living space during any season! A covered porch is nice, but what if you are wanting to enjoy some sunshine? Our Shade Select patio covers provide flexibility by allowing you to open and close the louvers. The louvers can be controlled with a push of a button or a crank of a handle. The Shade Select is durable to stand up against high winds and is capable of holding 30 pounds of snow per square foot! They protect you and your patio furniture from the rain and harsh sun, but on nice days can be opened for some vitamin D!

Perfect Pergolas

Valleywide’s Shade Select patio covers also transform your space by creating the perfect pergola! Traditional pergolas are a beautiful accent to your backyard, but unfortunately, leave your patio exposed to the elements all year round! When it is raining you cannot use it! Create your perfect pergola paradise with Shade Select patio covers. You can get the look and feel of a traditional pergola, but also close your Shade Select louvers to create the perfect space when it is raining, or close them to provide some cool shade from the sun. Valleywide also offers dual-operating sections so you can close off one section while opening the other. This is especially handy during the grilling season!

Free Estimates

Transforming your outdoor living space into paradise can feel overwhelming. The experts at Valleywide Patio and Fence are here to help plan out the details of your transformation by offering free estimates. We also offer financing options to help spread the cost over an easier-to-afford period.

These last few years have been difficult. At Valleywide Patio and Fence, we believe everyone deserves an outdoor living space that feels like paradise. Create your ultimate outdoor living space and start making memories today with Valleywide Patio and Fence.

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