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Louvered Pergolas: Enjoying the Outdoors Year-Round

Updated: May 7

Louvered pergolas are a popular new choice for homeowners looking to extend their living space outdoors. These pergolas feature an adjustable roof with slats (aka louvers) that can open & close to control the amount of sunlight, shade, and airflow. But are louvered pergolas truly all-season structures? Let's explore their water resistance, snow load capacity, and other pros & cons for year-round use.

Water Resistance

Louvered pergolas are generally considered water-resistant, but not entirely waterproof. The angled louvers are designed to shed rain, and many pergolas also have an integrated gutter system to channel water away from the structure. However, heavy rain or wind-driven rain can still penetrate through the gaps between the louvers.

Snow Load Capacity

The snow load of a louvered pergola depends on several factors, including the material, design, and local building codes. Some louvered pergolas aren't designed to hold snow. We install Shade Select louvered pergolas because we can build it as strong as you need it for your area, whereas some companies simply sell pre-made kits that aren't customizable.

Pros and Cons of Louvered Pergolas for All-Season Use


  • Adjustable sun and shade: Louvers offer the flexibility to control the amount of sunlight and shade, making your outdoor space comfortable throughout the day and year.

  • Ventilation: You can adjust the louvers to create air circulation, preventing heat buildup on hot days and reducing moisture build-up during cooler months.

  • Some can handle snow: We can design a pergola to fit your needs/location.

  • Rain often runs off: In many areas, you can stay dry under a good louvered pergola when it's closed, allowing you to enjoy a quiet, rainy day from your deck.


  • Not fully waterproof: As mentioned earlier, louvered pergolas are not entirely waterproof.

  • Snow load limitations: While some pergolas can handle snow, it's crucial to consider the local snowfall and choose a pergola with a suitable weight capacity. Pre-built kits may not be as sturdy as customized pergolas.

Overall, louvered pergolas offer a versatile and stylish way to create a comfortable outdoor space. By understanding their water resistance, snow load capacity, and other considerations, you can determine which louvered pergola is the right choice for your year-round enjoyment. Want to learn more? Reach out or read more.

(Shade Select is our go-to louvered pergola. It is made by Solara.)

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