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Louver Options for Shade Select Patio Covers

Valleywide Patio and Fence is revolutionizing traditional patio covers with Shade Select patio covers. Shade Select patio covers provide users with a multifunctional patio cover to enjoy any season. The louver roof system allows users to open or close the horizontal panels to create the perfect, outdoor living space atmosphere. Our product is available in two different louver roof systems, each with its capabilities. Keep reading to find out which system is best for your patio space!

Standard Roll-Formed Louvers

Louver roof systems are rising in popularity due to their wide range of functionality as well as the modern aesthetic they add to your outdoor living space. Our Shade Select patio covers come with our standard roll-formed louver system. This system is lightweight in comparison to our heavy-duty model. The standard roll-formed louvers are a great option for the traditional homeowner as it has the best strength to weight ratio and is capable of holding 30 pounds of snow per square foot! This system has been on the market for over 30 years! If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor patio and do not live somewhere with extra heavy snowfall, our standard roll-formed louver system could be right for you!

Heavy-Duty Extruded Louvers

Our heavy-duty extruded louver system is great for commercial use or if you live somewhere with a large amount of snowfall. This model is twice as thick as the standard roll providing you with extra-durable protection. Our heavy-duty extruded louvers are specially designed with thicker aluminum and a UV-resistant seal to help accommodate those heavier loads. Have one of our expert technicians come out to your property to go over available design options for this model.

Operating Options

Our Shade Select patio covers can be operated with either the push of a button or a hand-crank. The preference is totally up to you!

Benefits of Louvered Roof Systems

A louvered roof system patio cover fully transforms your outdoor living space into an enjoyable paradise no matter the season! The louvers allow you to open or close your panels. The closed panels allow you to enjoy a book on a rainy day outside or get some relief from the hot weather. When mother nature provides a perfect temperature day, open your panels to enjoy the warm sunlight! With our dual louvered systems, you can even choose to have part of your cover open while the other is closed. This is a great option to vent your grilling area!

Valleywide Patio and Fence believe everyone deserves the perfect patio space. Our Shade Select products create a versatile space that you can use all year round! Schedule your free estimate today to see how Valleywide Patio and Fence can transform your outdoor living today!

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