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Louver Options for Shade Select Patio Covers

Our quality adjustable patio covers are available in two different louver roof systems – standard roll-formed and heavy-duty extruded. Before you decide on a louver that’s best for your home, be sure to understand the differences and capabilities of each one, and how those align with your patio needs.

What are Louvers?

Louvered roofs are built with horizontal panels that open and close. Pretty simple, right? For a better idea of what louvers are, take a look at your windows. Traditional window blinds use a louver system to open and close, keeping light in or out. The only difference is window blinds are adjusted up or down while patio roofs will adjust forward and backward. Also, louvered roofs won’t rotate all the way back like a window blind can, but hopefully this gives you a better idea of how louvered roof systems work.

Louver roofing systems are becoming more popular for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. Our louver roofs at Valleywide Fence and Deck are customizable to achieve very different design looks and meet your own personal preferences for your backyard patio cover.

Standard Roll-Formed Louvers

These default adjustable patio covers are typically much lighter than extruded louver systems. Our roll-formed louvers offer the best weight-to-strength ratio in the industry. Lightweight louver systems are a great option for any homeowner who doesn’t need to hold quite as much weight on top, and is looking for a lighter structure overall. Roll-formed louvered roof systems are not typically recommended for commercial installations, as the lighter load could be less effective and beneficial than extruded louvers.

The standard roll-formed louvers designed by Valleywide Fence and Deck are the most economically priced adjustable covers in the patio industry. After being on the market for 30 years, this patio roofing system can meet an array of designs and shapes.

Heavy-Duty Extruded Louvers

Our competitively priced heavy-duty extruded louvers are twice as thick as our roll-formed louvers, providing you with more durable protection. Due to thicker aluminum, the installation requires different support beams, and can’t always accommodate the same variety of design options as the roll-formed louvers can.

Extruded louvers are able to withstand more rain and snowfall, as well as outlast windier conditions. These adjustable patio covers from Valleywide Fence and Deck come with UV resistant seals that are specifically designed for added protection against rain and heavy snow loads. If you live in an area that’s especially prone to over 40 pounds of snowfall or extremely windy days, our heavy-duty extruded louvers are the better option for you.

Benefits of Louvered Roof Systems

Louvered roof systems are a fantastic tool that allows you to enjoy your patio space all year long. Their ability to tilt open and closed gives you more patio functionality, regardless of the season.

Our louvered roof systems will fully open to an angle of 130 degrees, or close flat to 0 degrees. You’re able to keep the adjustable patio covers open at any intermediate angle as well, to let in as much or as little sunlight as you’d like.

One of the perks of louvered roofing systems is they are able to be built into two separately controlled sections, meaning you can keep one part open, and another part closed. Imagine you’re having an afternoon barbeque. You can adjust open the louvered roof over the grill to allow the smoke through, and keep the roof over the patio chairs closed, to keep you and your guests shaded from the summer heat. Dual-sections are a dynamic feature that truly set our Shade Select patio covers above other patio options.

Our louvered roof systems are made from 100% recycled aluminum which means they have minimal maintenance needs, they’re easily cleaned, and they won’t rust or rot. These long-lasting patio covers can be attached to almost any existing surfaces, including wood, steel, or aluminum. The design of your patio cover can be curved or angled however you’d like it, regardless of the exterior framing.

Ready to Get Started?

There’s no reason to settle for original patio covers. Our Shade Select patio covers are the only adjustable covers on the market that are available to meet any budget. We offer the highest-quality louver roof systems in Colorado and Utah! Call Valleywide Fence and Deck to schedule your free estimate.

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