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How to Create the Perfect Backyard Relaxation Space

Create an Inviting Relaxation Space in Boise

Adjustable custom patio shade to control natural sunlight.

Incorporate a More Inviting Patio Design

A simple charcoal grill and several plastic chairs won’t make the space any better. Instead, think of a space that is inviting, whether it’s just to curl up outside on a crisp autumn day or invite some friends over to celebrate — the perfect outdoor space that will make you actually want to go outside. Create a patio or a deck that is inviting and appealing. Valleywide Fence and Deck will help you make it all-rounded, a private oasis, a perfect place to read, practice yoga, hang out, and more. Try making it even cozier by adding pillows, flowers, fire space, to mention a few.


Shade Select Adjustable custom patio covers.

Add a Shade Select Cover

If you’re going to hang out outside, protect your delicate skin from the harshness of direct sun rays with sunscreen and a hat — you don’t want to keep moving seats or ending up heading inside. What’s better, adding a patio cover or shade will help protect your skin while you relax outside. It’s best if you can easily adjust it to allow the sufficient amount of light you desire, such as with the Shade Select adjustable patio cover. Shade Select is custom designed and made, comes in more than 1,000 custom colors to choose from, and is installed by our team — call us today to learn more and to get a free estimate.


 Custom-made and installed Shade Select cover.

Privacy is Essential

A perfect backyard isn’t complete without privacy. It will feel better if it is enclosed. You can do this by secluding your relaxation space with suitable height fences, lattice, or screens, and with a variety of different plants, as well. This adds the utmost comfort and peace of mind so that you can truly relax in your outdoor space. You can also try adding overhead roofs and arbors to boost the seclusion feeling and provide extra shade to your space.


Adjustable patio cover with Shade Select technology.

Choose a Perfect Aesthetic Design

Investing in the overall look of your outdoor space will help you better enjoy spending time there. Choosing the perfect aesthetic design means having a style that flows from your house interior to this outdoor extension. Personalize your deck to create a connection between your home and the patio. It’s also crucial to lush the space with greenery to give it a natural, fresh look.


With the right ideas and the right company at your service, you can easily transform your backyard into a perfect, inviting space to relax. At Valleywide Fence and Deck in Boise, we got you covered. We’re reliable, cost-effective, and have qualified and highly skilled staff ready to start your project. Give us a call to get a free quote on Shade Select adjustable patio covers and more for your backyard!

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