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Capabilities of Shade Select Patio Covers

Having a backyard is one of the many perks of being a homeowner. But are you getting the most out of your backyard experience? Valleywide Patio Covers & Fence takes your backyard to the next level with Shade Select patio covers. Learn how you can enjoy your backyard year-round!

Control the Amount of Shade

Shade-select patio covers provide homeowners with flexibility. A patio with a fixed roof is great for days when it is raining, but what about those days you want to feel the sun on your skin? With Shade Select, you can push a button or turn a handle to adjust your coverage. Shade Select provides you with a strong barrier to the wind, snow, and rain, but also can be adjusted to let in that beautiful sunshine.

Motorized vs. Manual Louvers

Valleywide Patio Covers & Fence provides two options for your Shade Select operations. You can either choose between a motorized or manual operation. With the motorized option, your louvers will open or close with the push of a button-making them ideal for any age. Our manual option is an easy-to-use hand crank option. No matter the operation you choose, you will be able to adjust the angles of your shade select for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Pergola Paradise

Pergolas have become a hot commodity for revamping your backyard. Traditional pergolas are made of wood and can either be freestanding or mounted to a structure such as a house or a garage. The problem with these traditional pergolas is that they leave your patio and furniture open to the elements year-round. Valleywide Patio Covers & Fence has been changing the standard pergola into a paradise with Shade Select. Shade Select patio covers offer the look and feel of a traditional pergola, but can also protect from sun, wind, snow, and rain with their closing mechanism. With our duel-operating sections, you can choose to have one side open and the other closed. Open the section above the grill to let the smoke out, while keeping grandma cool under the shaded part.

Year-Round Protection

Valleywide Patio Covers & Fence Shade Select products allow you to enjoy your patio year-round. Whether you choose an angled or a flat shade select product, our product provides watertight protection. When the rain switches over to snow, Shade Select products are capable of holding 30 pounds of snow per square foot! Our product is designed to handle winds up to 90 mph but can be engineered to withstand winds up to 140mph.

No matter the time of year, Shade Select patio covers are the perfect choice for enjoying your backyard. With multiple design options available, Valleywide Patio Covers & Fence will have you outside enjoying everything mother nature has to offer. If you are looking to transform your backyard experience into something magical, contact Valleywide Patio Covers & Fence for your free estimate!

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