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Capabilities of Shade Select Patio Covers

We know Colorado weather can change from a sunny 70 degree day to 32 degrees with snow in the matter of a week. The unpredictable weather makes it difficult to enjoy your patioscape all year. Pergolas leave too much open space, while awnings are easily damaged. Shade Select patio covers are the ultimate adjustable covers with every ideal feature combined into one perfect, stylish design. Continue reading to learn all of the capabilities of Shade Select patio covers.

Open or Close for Any Amount of Shade

The premier feature of Shade Select patio covers is their ability to open and close as much or as little as you’d like. On sunny days, you can adjust the panels to provide more shade on your patio area, or leave them open providing indirect sunlight for you and your family to enjoy the natural heat.

This feature is especially nice during rainy or snowy days. These adjustable patio covers are able to lie flat at a 0 degree angle, keeping your patioscape completely dry. No more moving patio cushions indoors before a storm – you won’t have to worry about wet patio furniture ever again. Being able to adjust Shade Select covers allows you to use your patio any time of year, regardless of weather conditions.

Motorized or Manual Louvers

Shade Select patio covers are available with motorized or manual louvers. You can adjust the louvered roof system with the crank of a handle, or the push of button. This capability allows you to choose a functionality that works best for you, your family, and your home’s aesthetic. If you prefer to have one less electronic to worry about your toddler playing with, the crank handle is a perfect solution. On the other hand, if you want to maintain smart features for your home, motorized louvers are your best option.

Dual-Operating Sections

One of the perks of louvered roofs is they can be built into two separately controlled sections, meaning you can keep one part open, and another part closed. For example, you can adjust the louvered roof over a grill to allow smoke through, and keep the roof over the patio chairs closed to keep you and your guests shaded. Dual-sections are a dynamic feature that truly set our Shade Select patio covers above any other patio option.

Divert Rainwater

Shade Selects can be closed during rain showers. One benefit to this capability is the adjustable covers protect your patio deck, furnishes, appliances, and pets from the moisture. Imagine being able to sit outside and enjoy the sound and smell of rain without being affected by it whatsoever. With Shade Select patio covers, you get to enjoy Colorado weather more often.

Another benefit is the louvers have the ability to hold and store the rainwater, or redirect it onto your lawn or garden. This eco-friendly advantage can help you save on water bills while naturally nourishing your plants. Easily capturing extra rainwater is beneficial for any gardener or composter.

Year-Round Weather Protection

As we’ve been saying, Shade Select patio covers allow you to enjoy your patioscape all year long. During wet or cold seasons, you can rest assured knowing your patio will be protected from all elements, including rain, snow, and wind.


The angle your Shade Select patio cover is installed at will dictate how much water could potentially seep through. Not to worry though - completely flat Shade Selects are still water tight. Our project coordinators and install team will take waterproofing into account during the design and installation process.


Shade Selects are designed to hold 30 pounds of snow per square foot. That means if your patio cover is a total of 300 square feet, our adjustable patio covers will hold 9,000 pounds of snow weight. That capability is a game changer for all Colorado residents. The durability of Shade Select patio covers have been proven in Colorado, Alaska, and even in the Swiss Alps!


Our patio covers are built to withstand 90 mph winds, and can be engineered to withstand up to 140 mph winds. Colorado has windy days, but 140 mph winds are typically only seen during hurricanes! With Shade Select’s patio protection, your time outside will be more comfortable any time of the year.

Don’t Wait – Install Shade Selects Today!

Shade Select adjustable patio covers are capable of so much more than a regular pergola or awning. With the best features all in one dynamic design, Shade Selects offer advanced functionality without sacrificing space, money, or aesthetic appeal. If you’re ready to start using your patioscape every season of the year, contact Valleywide Fence and Deck today for a free estimate!

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