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Benefits of Shade Select Adjustable Patio Covers

On a warm summer day, your outdoor oasis is calling your name. Whether that ignites you to invite friends and family over for a BBQ, or you just want to relax outside of your home and unwind, we at Valleywide Fence and Deck know how nice it is to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather.

However, we know just how hot Grand Junction can get in the summertime. That’s why we provide our customers with Shade Select louvered patio covers to keep you protected from the harsh sun, as well as the other Colorado elements that might come your way. In today’s post, we will talk about some of the many benefits that come with having an adjustable patio cover installed on your home. For more information, or to receive a free estimate, contact us today!

Perks of Shade Select Patio Covers

Year-Round Protection - Sure, most people find themselves spending more time outside in the warmer months of the year. However, that doesn’t mean you and your patio can’t benefit from having an outdoor covered patio year-round. When you use Shade Select Adjustable Patio Covers, you can have your patio and outdoor furniture protected from rain, wind, and snow.

Eco-Friendly - Our retractable patio covers are made from recycled aluminum, making them virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean with just soap and water. Additionally, they help lower your heating, cooling, and lighting costs. The best part? Our louvered patio covers catch natural rain water and divert them to your garden or lawn!

Customization - When it comes to features of your home, you want them to be unique to you and your style. Our Shade Select Patio Covers are highly customizable. You can create the size, shape, color, and mounting that you desire to make it as functional and easy to use as possible. They are adjustable, meaning you can open the covering to allow more sunlight through, or close them to shade the area or be protected by any other elements that might make an appearance that day. Imagine you’re having a backyard BBQ and you’re cooking up burgers and brats. You want to have ventilation to let the smoke clear out, but your guests want shade from the hot summer day. You can open up the roof louvers over the grill and keep the roof louvers over your guests closed to keep them shaded. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Get A Free Estimate Today!

At Valleywide Fence and Deck, we work with the best brands and materials in the industry to provide you with long-lasting, durable, and aesthetically pleasing products. If you’re interested in having a Shade Select Patio Cover installed on your home, get in touch with us today! We offer financing options, and will work with you from concept to completion to ensure you are fully satisfied with our services. For more information, visit our website or contact us today. If you’re ready to have your adjustable patio cover customized today, request a free estimate to get started!


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