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What is an adjustable pergola? Consider pros, cons, and alternatives. 

 As outdoor living spaces become an integral part of modern homes, demand for versatile, stylish patio covers has risen. One of the newest innovations in the space is growing quickly: the adjustable pergola.  

In this article, we will explore the benefits of an adjustable pergola, shedding light (pun intended) on what makes them unique.  We’ll compare their pros & cons to fixed pergolas and other patio covers.   You’ll also find out why we choose to offer Shade Select adjustable pergolas over other brands. :) 


What is an adjustable pergola? 

An adjustable pergola is a dynamic structure designed to provide shade and protection when you want it, and sun when you need it.  Unlike traditional fixed pergolas, an adjustable one features slats or louvers that open and close. This means you can easily adjust sunlight and ventilation on your patio, hot tub, or wherever you install yours.  

In other words, homeowners can tailor their outdoor space to changing weather conditions and personal preferences. 

Pros of an adjustable pergola 

1. Versatility: The ability to adjust the louvers gives homeowners and businesses unparalleled versatility, allowing users to control the amount of sunlight, shade, and ventilation. This enhances the overall comfort of many outdoor spaces, from patios to hot tubs to outdoor restaurants. 

2. All-Weather: Adjustable pergolas offer protection against various weather conditions. The ability to close the slats during rain/snow or open them for a gentle breeze makes them suitable for year-round use.  

3. Aesthetic Appeal: The clean design of an adjustable pergola adds a touch of modern elegance to outdoor spaces. Some companies allow you to customize it, but even generic options can look great at many homes or businesses. 

4. Increased Property Value: The addition of an adjustable pergola can enhance the overall value of a property by providing an attractive and functional outdoor living space. This is especially the case if you combine it with a deck or patio.  



1. Cost: Adjustable pergolas may have a higher initial cost compared to fixed pergolas or other patio covers. This is not always the case, as wood pergolas are often more labor intensive. Regardless, the long-term benefits often outweigh the initial investment. 

2. Complexity of Installation: The motorized or manual mechanisms that control the adjustment of slats may require professional installation. This is, of course, not an issue if you hire an installer. Many companies sell pergola kits that you assemble yourself, but you may be able to find an installer near you.  (We install in several states in the U.S.) 


How does it compare to Fixed Pergolas and Other Patio Covers? 

Fixed pergolas and other patio covers, such as awnings or traditional roofs, each provide their own set of advantages. That said, they do lack the dynamic adaptability of an adjustable pergola. Of course, many coverings offer shade consistently but also block out the sun when you want it. Fixed pergolas let the sun in, but also rain and snow, and don’t shade as thoroughly as many other coverings. For these reasons, we favor an adjustable pergola over other options :) 


Why do we install Shade Select by Solara, instead of another brand? 

When it comes to adjustable pergolas, Solara's aluminum materials stand out as a top choice. Here are some key advantages: 


1. Sturdiness: Solara's adjustable pergolas are built with high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability and resistance to rust or corrosion. Snow load isn’t a problem either. 

2. Versatile Colors: Solara offers versatile colors, allowing homeowners to choose a pergola that seamlessly blends with many different outdoor aesthetics. 

3. Motorized or Manual Options: Solara provides the convenience of motorized or manual operation, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred adjustment method. Both are easy to use, to say the least. It’s the push of a button or the twist of a handle. 

4. Customizable: We offer various post sizes and finish styles to tailor your adjustable pergola to your preferences. We can mount it to a roof or install it free standing. 



Investing in an adjustable pergola is one of the most reliable ways to elevate your outdoor living experience. The flexibility, adaptability, and aesthetic appeal make adjustable pergolas a standout choice for modern homes.  As far as choosing an adjustable pergola--we install Shade Select by Solara. This is our choice due to their strength, aluminum construction, versatile colors, and customizability.  



If you want to find the perfect blend of style and functionality for your outdoor oasis, give us a call. 

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